We Choose Kind

Thu, 01/18/2018 - 8:38pm

We are joining schools nationwide in an effort to promote kindness, acceptance, and respect. We will be encouraging kindness here at Thunder Hill by participating in:

National No Name Calling Week, January 16 – 19

Grassroots Presentations, January 18

3:00 – K-2

3:20 – 3 -5

Change Matters Campaign, January 22 – 26

Students bring in their change (coins) to donate to Grassroots to help homeless families in Howard County.

The Great Kindness Challenge, January 22 – 26

All students will be given a Choose Kind Challenge Calendar.  Students are encouraged to complete the daily challenge throughout the month!  Students are also invited to make Valentine’s Day cards for residents in a local nursing home.  Kindness quotes and messages will be shared daily on the morning announcements.

Random Acts of Kindness,

February 12 - 16