Start with Hello

Mon, 10/07/2019 - 8:56pm

Start with Hello 10/10/19
All students and staff participated in a Start with Hello "Hey Day.”  Students and staff wore "Hello, my name is _____" name tags and were encouraged to reach out and say hello to others throughout the day in their classrooms, during lunch and recess, in the hallways, and any opportunity that arises.

During morning announcements, guest students shared how to say hello in many different languages.  Students were also reminded of the Start with Hello steps:

  • See someone alone
  • Reach out and help
  • Start with Hello

 Be sure to ask your child about the Hey Day!  Thanks for your support at home!

Start with Hello Week, 9/23-9/27.

We are partnering with Sandy Hook Promise again this year to help create a culture of inclusion and connectedness through a program called Start with Hello (SWH).  SWH raises awareness about social isolation and educates students on how to prevent it and supports our Social Emotional Learning (SEL) initiatives.  We are joining hundreds of schools nationwide in Start with Hello Week, 9/23-9/27.

On Monday, Mrs. Reeb, School Counselor, reviewed the skills students need to reach out and include someone.  There are 3

simple steps …

  • See someone alone
  • Reach out and help
  • Start with Hello

*We invite our youngest students to practice saying hello to friends and classmates during circle time, lunch, recess, etc. and to continue to practice using social skills while making friends.

On Tuesday, students learned about a Student Voices Contest during the morning announcements.  The theme is “How Start with Hello Builds Community and Breaks Barriers.”  For more information, please visit:

Student Voices Award
Sandy Hook Promise is proud to recognize outstanding students for their participation and creativity in Start With Hello Week. Learn more and apply today.

On Wednesday, students shared how to say hello in different languages over the announcements.  Ask your child to share with you!

On Thursday, students learned about ways people greet each other from around the world.  Did you know people in Zimbabwe greet each other through a clapping ritual?

On Friday, students were asked to share compliments and kindness messages and/or drawings with a classmate.  Ask how your child brightened someone else’s day!


We will continue with monthly activities to practice using the SWH skills throughout the year.  We encourage you to talk to your child about the Start with Hello program and ask them to share what they have learned. We appreciate you reinforcing this message at home and thank you for supporting our goal of inclusion and connectedness.  For more information, please visit:

Start With Hello Week - Sandy Hook Promise
Join thousands of schools across the country for Start With Hello Week!. Register for Start With Hello Week Want a fun and easy way to create a culture of inclusion that values each individual at your school?